Refrain from anywhere throw garbage

Campus, our Nike Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark students moisture knowledge rain. The saying goes: “beautify the environment is everyone’s responsibility.” However, in our campus, some students ignore the fact that they are accustomed to throw garbage anywhere, and has become a habit.
If you are a careful person, walking in the campus can always be found, in classrooms, corridors, restaurant, playground, or on the road, as long as it was the place to go, and have readily throw garbage phenomenon.
On one occasion, I cleaning lump District, loaded with ground litter on pick up, not go away, to see the upstairs classroom “Tiannvsanhua I carefully observed the “hand throwing” There are two kinds: one is used to eat and drink packaging boxes, bags, bottles and hand thrown on the ground, go where to throw where. The second is readily throwing things out the window in the classroom. These phenomena every day at school in the event of Cheap Lebron 8 road just cleaned in the morning, the afternoon is garbage in one place. I do not understand, who refuse the “master” then why not go a few steps, put the garbage into the trash, and to readily fling? Our school size is not large, but seven or eight one hundred students, if we all like them readily throw garbage, it would be what kind of a “scene”! Or school? Landfill Yi? Must learn in this environment is not what we want to see. Fortunately, the vast majority of students are not readily throw bad habits. It is difficult to imagine the students who immymairece 8/21 readily throw garbage in the heart of how to think? Others face so clean campus, you “pop” thrown down a rubbish, you have not thought about this behavior because you look down on you? You know, you throw away not only garbage, but also the quality of
Take good care of the campus environment is our bounden duty of. We should strictly abide by the high school students daily code of conduct “do good and not for, not evil small to succeed”, I start from, start small, start Cheap Jordan 2012 now, we should not readily throw garbage , but also through other people readily throw on the ground refuse to pick it up. If we all do this, we will be able to learn in a clean and brightly lit campus life, that this is how happy!

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