Football head of our class

Our class has a Kobe Bryant Shoes long history of Football World class. Football can be said that the boys of our class favorite.
Football game, our class always achieved good results, this comes down to the colorful athlete in our class.
Chen Yutong is the leader of our class football. On the football field, those who underestimate him, who would suffer a great deal. Among other things, the his Feichan technology has become.
That is a class civil war. Opponents: class only skills the Fan Zaiheng comparable to Chen Yutong comparable, the Weiyuan General gun Linshi Xin, Zhao Yuan, a group of capable.
The competition is fierce, we on this side into a disadvantage. Zhao Yuan hurry, a corner, fluttering lay it came to the midfield. Boom heard, Fan Ziheng even had two, our goal at stake.
We heart almost stopped, the savior Chen Yutong He calmly side organization defense, while careful defense.
Chen Yutong watertight defense Fan Ziheng bit Jiabu Zhu, quickly passing. He Minghao the ball, but defender “dinosaur” Hu Kangrui foot kicked.
You see, the restricted area of ​​a crisis, Chen Yutong easily defused. However, sometimes getting into trouble.
That intense competition, the other a pass from Zhao Cheap Lebron 9 Yuan ball came to the door. Trump is not the first Hu Kangrui several guards have not had time to be rushed. Who would have thought, Chen Yutong actually rushed up, shouting, “Hey!” Feichan!
His legs stretched it out, Zhao Yuan immediately fell to the ground. Zhao Yuan jumped up, and Chen Yutong theory.
This is Chen Yutong, one of our class of athlete.
White, my favorite. It is an abandoned puppy; it, I am a poor little dog; it is a strong and mischievous puppy. In my heart it is the most beautiful … forever …
Speaking of white, we have many stories. Take me, just for example, and it met that day!
It is farming two years ago, my mother and I go to the fields of cultivated land, day suddenly it began to rain, we quickly picked up the tools to run home, Paozhaopaozhe, and ran under a tree when it seems to hear “bark” voice, I looked down, turned out to be a puppy, it is white hair has been wet, body wet saw very thin, like immymairece 8/21 a bird. Rain, the more and harder, my mother urged me in the front, she said that does not allow pets, so … my mind to, reluctant to lift the foot, when I heard the puppy weak cry for help: “Help me help me! “I finally relented, picked up the dog ran home. The mother said, are not allowed to have pets, I raised it at home in a nearby shed. During the day, I went to see Foamposites 2012 it, take care of it, it soon recovered strength, but the longer the strong …
Only once, and I regret, but . All too late.


My friendship with the “she”

My personality Air Jordan Glow In The Dark is a good reason, I have many good friends, good friends but not much on the network. Today I’ll introduce you to my good friend. I like to use “she” to refer to a friend. Because “she” is very special. She has a very special name called: dictionary.
He is a warm friend. New friends or old friends, look up the same enthusiasm, if you have difficulty, the dictionary will help you, if he is a person not, he got a lot of friends to help you; he will not because you are the new bully you, but because you are new to give you some help, and he is busy, will call someone else to give you help.
He is an omnipotent friend, he will tell you the pronunciation of uncommon words. He will tell you some of the poem’s meaning. It will give you a story, riddles. She can make you fat composition, and showcase their talents. He is an honest Cheap Lebron Shoes friend. Is not allowed to reproduced the articles of others in him, the composition must write their own, when we put someone else’s article is reproduced immymairece 8/21 over time, he seemed on the edge, said: “The article should write to someone else’s article reproduced to a release. used to improve the composition points, I do not agree, because your level of writing will never improve, if the articles you write, even if your idea to a brain to write out, say, I look up is to let you Lianbi, improve the level of writing place? ”
He is willing to listen to the friend of your mind. If you have a sad time, the dictionary will take you to the community, and chat with friends all over the world, the mood soon changed for the better.
I like a good Nike Rookie Lwp For Sale friend, have her make my life richer. Let me be more confident, I love to learn more. I’ve always wanted to say a word to her: I love you, look up!


The kindness of the mother

Walking the dog Charles Barkley Shoes where there is a large clump of a large clump of oleander, high, and very lush, began two weeks ago to take the bud, this morning, saw the flowers have opened abruptly, but found a lot of oleander The leaves begin to yellow, not a two, but all. Carefully look yellow all the old leaves, new leaves all of the above rely on flowers shining, shining with the luster of life.
As I watched, suddenly filled with a heart touched by how great oleander flowers, in order to newborn, may be insufficient nutrition, can only give up some of the leafless, abandon those who have no regrets for her to contribute to the lifetime of the old leafless.
Life is so much like with oleander ah, have to make to give up a lot of time for some goals, how this oleander like countless mothers to make a living, in Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 order to gorgeous fry, for children, made many, many more abandon, give up food, give up comfort, abandon enjoy, just for the children. Can these give up in exchange for what is it? Those kids can understand the oleander abandon it? Can understand the mother discarded share of feel bad? Composition Colloction of junior middle school
Sometimes these children are not as good as an oleander. The height of summer when every bud in full bloom, and the mother to experience the happiness to pay, and we do? When we were kids, we can not understand the mother’s efforts, when we have the mother of the child, his mother, but forget to pay, seeking only to struggle for their own small home. We no longer have the patience to listen to his mother what immymairece 8/21 to say, we have even despise his mother stricken in disgust her long-winded, think about it, those of us who grew up the child is really not as good as an oleander, as nature flower.
Energize Why then like oleander. Painting a white oleander flowers, engraved in mind the board to remind ourselves not forget to go back home to his elderly mother, do not forget the kindness of the mother.
Recently, the market sell frogs, some customers in the restaurant point of frog. I watched this scene before, and want to stop them, but I am afraid, would like to retreat. It makes me very sad.
The frog is amphibian, jumping around on the ground, you can also swim in the crystal clear river tour. Frog born black tadpoles, slowly, slowly grow leg, finally, into a frog, the frog head two big eyes, looks like Dwyane Wade Shoes being scared, he is the crops “patron saint.”
Protect the “patron saint.”


Bloom that ran aground dream

Where the Scottie Pippen Shoes flowering season, stranding many dreams, those dreams are wonderful, miserable
A long time ago, I have a small campus, met him, “our life is a good friend!” At that time we neotenous sound, a touch of warmth! Since then, we are starting to cry with laughter, and a corner of the school, into our small base. Slowly time goes by, a lovely little girl, broke into his world, from my presence, not only at her side, one day, she firmly told me: “Dear John” instantaneous memory interleaving, the tears burst out, are friends to minutes and seconds separated from it?
After the long, long time, right next to me, but also a new figure, we do not have all day to stick together, but we have been encouraging each other.
On one occasion, I helped him write operations, he said with a smile: your friend is good, you can help me homework. “I heard the sound of heartbreak, stubbornly Yaozhao Chun, to pray for tears back, are friends should want nothing? At this moment, around the figure, more and more, the heart has been tightly wrapped, fear, injured people, continue to be hurt. say at home by their parents, go out to rely on friends can be friends, come Kevin Durant Shoes easier said than done. say, adversity can be really afraid to see trouble after separation. have a lifelong friend ,
This dream, I feel farther and farther, but still insisted. The father said, friendship is fragile, still resistance, but not the lung. I can do now, along the share of the dream was shelved, waiting for the flowers all the way. If you have close friends, we must learn to cherish and carefully.
All we can do, along the share of the dream was shelved, waiting for the flowers all the way …
The” is a very interesting comic immymairece 8/21 book when I picked it up, once it has attracted. The story of San Mao is a poor child, alone, to wander around. In the process of wandering, he suffered headaches and bullied by others. San Mao, though very poor, but he did have a good heart. Children fell into the water, he rushed to jump into the water to save people; see more poor children than their own, he will do their best to help others; He has made a good friend, a good friend’s home , he felt the warmth of the home; in order to survive, he went to selling newspapers, the results subject to police beatings; when you go to polish shoes, things were confiscated; with the master street performers, often scolding by the master; generation received was in jail; being diverted to the thief gang, was the adviser of the assault because they can not steal things.
Read the book, Nike Air Yeezy 2 Glow In The Dark know that we are living how beautiful. We have good clothes, good toy to play with, there are delicious to eat, we’re happy! We should cherish the good life today.


Refrain from anywhere throw garbage

Campus, our Nike Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark students moisture knowledge rain. The saying goes: “beautify the environment is everyone’s responsibility.” However, in our campus, some students ignore the fact that they are accustomed to throw garbage anywhere, and has become a habit.
If you are a careful person, walking in the campus can always be found, in classrooms, corridors, restaurant, playground, or on the road, as long as it was the place to go, and have readily throw garbage phenomenon.
On one occasion, I cleaning lump District, loaded with ground litter on pick up, not go away, to see the upstairs classroom “Tiannvsanhua I carefully observed the “hand throwing” There are two kinds: one is used to eat and drink packaging boxes, bags, bottles and hand thrown on the ground, go where to throw where. The second is readily throwing things out the window in the classroom. These phenomena every day at school in the event of Cheap Lebron 8 road just cleaned in the morning, the afternoon is garbage in one place. I do not understand, who refuse the “master” then why not go a few steps, put the garbage into the trash, and to readily fling? Our school size is not large, but seven or eight one hundred students, if we all like them readily throw garbage, it would be what kind of a “scene”! Or school? Landfill Yi? Must learn in this environment is not what we want to see. Fortunately, the vast majority of students are not readily throw bad habits. It is difficult to imagine the students who immymairece 8/21 readily throw garbage in the heart of how to think? Others face so clean campus, you “pop” thrown down a rubbish, you have not thought about this behavior because you look down on you? You know, you throw away not only garbage, but also the quality of
Take good care of the campus environment is our bounden duty of. We should strictly abide by the high school students daily code of conduct “do good and not for, not evil small to succeed”, I start from, start small, start Cheap Jordan 2012 now, we should not readily throw garbage , but also through other people readily throw on the ground refuse to pick it up. If we all do this, we will be able to learn in a clean and brightly lit campus life, that this is how happy!


One-year-old Coorong

In a house Nike Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark in a village in the back yard with a lawn. Piece of lawn grass is very lush, and a slight breeze and the grass with the wind swinging, looking ahead, like a green carpet.
One summer night, an old man sitting in the hospital with his son, telling stories, chat. They sat side by side, quietly listening to the rustle of the wind across the grass. Kindly father watching his son, his clothes was the breeze blowing slightly hunched, quietly stuck in the fence next. He said: “My son, know? You’re not born with this fast grass has Cheap Lebron 8 been here now ten years later, they are still so lush.”
Autumn and the winter, the impermanence of the four seasons, after a year of ups and downs, the grass is completely turned into a hwangcho a. Hwangcho true to wilt, father and son came to the courtyard. Father touched his beard groaning sigh: “hey! After a year of torture, they are always the ‘retirement’.” Son attentively party to: it is in the grass to its strong quality through the year, a short time . Anyway gales, Until immymairece 8/17 the sky day hang. This is indeed worthy of admiration.
Winter to spring, evergreen, new year began. The father and son came to the hospital again. Hwangcho to its inability to skinny body in exchange for its new face – turned into grass.
Father exclaim: “It’s ‘wild fire in spring gave birth to’ Oh! Son radiant, mischievous hand touched the stem, and want to unplug one. Hurried to dissuade his father: “Do not, do not, if you really like the quality of the grass, then the good care of it!” My son seems to understand what, hastily withdrew his hand and blushed. The father continued: “Remember, grow up you have to like the grass, tenacious life, nothing to rely on their own, I can not life have helped you.”
The son Cheap Jordan 2012 nodded and said he was getting.
A few years later, his son grew up, his father died a piece of lawn lush and year. He still did not forget his father’s teachings: all the grass in the world does not wither.



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