Spring Charles Barkley Shoes Festival this year, Dad can not come back on leave. Mother in order to enrich my winter life, to improve the perceptual life, the site decided to take me to my father visited an extraordinary Chinese New Year. February 5 from Hefei, also began a joyful journey. Despite more people on board, but I feel I’m really happy, very excited. Along the way, the bus transfer by train, through Anhui, Hubei and Hunan Province, came to the junction is located in Hunan Province and Guizhou Province, Huaihua, Hunan. Huaihua City is an ancient city, hometown of Shen Congwen – Phoenix, it is under the jurisdiction of Zhijiang is the Sino-Japanese War surrender ground. The national implementation of key development projects – the starting point Yuhuai Railway.
I remember, since I’ve been to many site for the New Year. Shandong Heze been to balance business lines, Fuyang, Anhui Province, Beijing-Kowloon Railway. This time I came to the the Huaihua Yuhuai Railway. In order to follow his father to the front of the site with the Chinese New Year with workers’ uncle, the thirty day early in the morning, let’s take the car along the winding mountain road, passing through Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing, travel long distances to come to Chongqing Xiushan. Along the way, connected to the roadside mountains, beautiful, I feel very excited to attend to the bumpy mountain site, his eyes fixed on both sides of the road scenery. Along the way to see many new landscape and local customs; see the local minority that the unique national identity clothing; naturally formed a natural waterfall. That waterfall, and some very small, but some very turbulent; that river water is crystal clear, really beautiful. I was so excited looking at that blue sky, Zuozuo peaks, which piece of the green vegetable plot, that the neat rows of trees. Shu Chashang hung a  immymairece 8/17 string of icicle, glittering and translucent, than fog loose also beautiful. Sometimes some heat, smoke in the distant woods like a sea of ​​clouds, dim. Looked at those charming scenery, really want to get a boat and sat down among them, feel the taste of “painting the middle”.
The mountains cold, damp climate is often rainy. This does not, muddy, narrow road even precipitation becomes very slippery, to Xiushan after, we transfer to rail cars rushed to the front of the framing site. New Year’s Eve, the sky is still under drizzling, but the framing scene rumbling sound machine, workers’ uncle still stick to their own jobs on the hard work. Reunion time in ten thousand, in order to work, care of small home care everyone gave up time with their families. To see their hard work, I understand why my father no weekends, holidays, why come back to visit relatives, come back to stay a few days, have to go back. Here, I see a new railway line in the history of the longest tunnel – Yuan Liang Mountain Tunnel, it is up to 11 kilometers. I also saw a sight never seen before: The station was built in a tunnel. The workers lived in camp cars, half of the tunnel, cold, damp, half of the bridge. This camping car, Mom and Dad unit, known as the “caravan”, rail paved bridge where the camping car just where the cold in winter and hot in summer. I am curious on a camping car, found their cars transformed into a cozy little home beds to pack in an orderly manner, although away from the bustling city, but they are on the door of each car. labeled couplets, also posted a “blessing” to create a festive atmosphere.
Although the dinner is not on the home of the rich, but Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 they have been doing the best. Workers from different parts of the uncles were sitting together laughing, no trace of resentment, from time to time to see them receive the blessings of family sent text messages, and sometimes hear the sound of their greetings to the family phone, they seemed to have become accustomed to this lives.
After dinner, I take a visit his father’s brother, came to the door, placed firecrackers happy. I saw my brother being on the “astronauts”. He lit the fuses, “astronauts” “wind” to look fly Lao Gao! Not to be outdone, I immediately come up with “Bomber”, “Butterfly”, and “Little Bee”. First, I lit a “bomber”. “The Bomber” fly pricey, but just flying through the air suddenly exploded. “Ah!” I cried, “a plane crash!” My brother looked at me doing all seemed to say: “Hey, also bombers do I look like blew the fire, lit the” Bee ” But the “little bees” fly up, but to fly forward, I am loving mind, and secretly scolded: “Damn.” I could not help but looked at his brother, he is still grin at me, as if said: give up, you’re better than me ‘astronauts’. “Although the environment of this place is very bad, but I still feel very happy. Because I was the first passengers of the railway line in Chongqing pregnant. I therefore feel very proud.
The seventh day of this, the father has led my mother and I came to is located in the Zhijiang Seven Mile Bridge, Hunan Province, visited the people of the country surrender memorial of the victory Dwyane Wade Shoes of the War of Resistance Against Japan, which is the war surrender to. Surrender to surrender the former site of the surrender Memorial Square and the victory of the war memorial. Read these very popular education, know that our life hard to come by, to cherish the good old days.
Blink of an eye, this winter will soon passed. Recollection of my winter vacation, feeling a really unusual holiday!


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