I have a Scottie Pippen Shoes good friend, his name is Li Lin. His legs are very long, tall, his nose was added to this pair of glasses, wearing a white dress. Although he looks ordinary, ordinary wear, but his civil and military do!
I remember that once he is fired off letters, I walked over and shouted: “Li Lin, we shuttlecock coming ah?” I saw Li Lin sat pens kept earth. The first will be looking at job, will look at language book, a fine sweat looming. I was getting impatient, and shouted again: “Li Lin, play for a while!”
Voice of the students in the classroom are shocked, only Li Lin also concentrate on swimming in the ocean of books. I sigh a sigh, and said to himself: “hey, it Kevin Durant Shoes seems to stand a chance.” Therefore, I have to get other students to play.
He not only in the learning aspects of stick, he does not depend on other sports.
One afternoon, a physical education teacher, said: “As long as running the examinations, it can be active.” I did not expect immymairece 8/17 him in which to hear the whistle immediately gallop. Beginning, he is the last one, no one thought that after half a lap, he came from behind to rise to a positive first from last. I am struggling running itself more than his last has become the last. She is not only very good in the running, but also in other sports such as basketball, long jump is one of the best in my class whenever the class to engage in sports activities or school open Games in the playground, we can always see his tall figure .
“Anything is possible”, which is a how exciting words! Although not a true portrayal of Li Lin life, but he loves life, love of Nike Air Yeezy 2 Glow In The Dark learning, sports-loving spirit is enviable, and it is very worth learning!

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