Every time Kobe Bryant Shoes see the wall that certificate of honor, I will think of was the effort and harvest the results.
Day, the teacher selected as a representative to participate in a grand dance competition a few weeks later. I secretly determined, anyway to get a good result to come back. Followed by a period of time, ushered in the hard training. Every night, I will be out one to two hours of time and hard training. Arm carried position, Tuiti the the to which the angle, I stood in front of the mirror and try to figure out carefully, and conscientiously to imitate the teacher’s standard action. Whenever I am not familiar with or the wrong action, will take the initiative to ask the teacher, teachers will be hands-on teach me until I fully understand.
Time, a more difficult to “tap step” stumped me a few times down, I have not done. I became discouraged and wanted to give up this competition. But I see the eyes of the teacher that encourage, And then I thought: “The teacher is so trust me, such an important game task to me, I must do, can not live up to the expectations of my teachers must stick to it can not be discouraged. Come on! “So, I re-ignite confidence for the trip, continued to practice down. First practice jump kicks, foot taut and straight legs. The front of the mirror, their own shouting slogans, two, three … one hundred as a group, such a set of training down Cheap Lebron 9 Tuisuan have no feeling, feet stretched to some convulsions. His forehead of sweat rolled down. The teachers see in the eyes, pain in my heart, and advised me to rest for a while. But I firmly teacher said: “No, I want to persist in the end, it was possible to immymairece 8/17 achieve good results through repeated practice, I finally mastered the essentials of the action, find the feeling. When accompanied by music, the successful completion of the entire exercise, the side of the teacher, sent me a blessing applause. I also from ear to ear.
The game slowly approaching.
The day of the game, whether on stage or the audience, filled with the thick smell of gunpowder. You do not let, I will not let everyone in the fight for the good ranking of the game. Game, I try to play their best level, the biggest smile for the judges and the audience. … When the action end of the dance I have a wonderful debut, and found that they have been surrounded by thunderous applause. I made it!
After his ouster from power, I sweat, covered in wet. I wipe the sweat from his face, revealing a triumphant smile, sweet heart, the United States and the United States. Now, I really appreciate the true meaning of the Foamposites 2012 words of one minute on stage, the audience ten years of practice “.
This time, with their own sweat in exchange for a rich fruits. I used my own efforts, in exchange for success in exchange for a cheer.

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