The kindness of the mother

Walking the dog Charles Barkley Shoes where there is a large clump of a large clump of oleander, high, and very lush, began two weeks ago to take the bud, this morning, saw the flowers have opened abruptly, but found a lot of oleander The leaves begin to yellow, not a two, but all. Carefully look yellow all the old leaves, new leaves all of the above rely on flowers shining, shining with the luster of life.
As I watched, suddenly filled with a heart touched by how great oleander flowers, in order to newborn, may be insufficient nutrition, can only give up some of the leafless, abandon those who have no regrets for her to contribute to the lifetime of the old leafless.
Life is so much like with oleander ah, have to make to give up a lot of time for some goals, how this oleander like countless mothers to make a living, in Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 order to gorgeous fry, for children, made many, many more abandon, give up food, give up comfort, abandon enjoy, just for the children. Can these give up in exchange for what is it? Those kids can understand the oleander abandon it? Can understand the mother discarded share of feel bad? Composition Colloction of junior middle school
Sometimes these children are not as good as an oleander. The height of summer when every bud in full bloom, and the mother to experience the happiness to pay, and we do? When we were kids, we can not understand the mother’s efforts, when we have the mother of the child, his mother, but forget to pay, seeking only to struggle for their own small home. We no longer have the patience to listen to his mother what immymairece 8/21 to say, we have even despise his mother stricken in disgust her long-winded, think about it, those of us who grew up the child is really not as good as an oleander, as nature flower.
Energize Why then like oleander. Painting a white oleander flowers, engraved in mind the board to remind ourselves not forget to go back home to his elderly mother, do not forget the kindness of the mother.
Recently, the market sell frogs, some customers in the restaurant point of frog. I watched this scene before, and want to stop them, but I am afraid, would like to retreat. It makes me very sad.
The frog is amphibian, jumping around on the ground, you can also swim in the crystal clear river tour. Frog born black tadpoles, slowly, slowly grow leg, finally, into a frog, the frog head two big eyes, looks like Dwyane Wade Shoes being scared, he is the crops “patron saint.”
Protect the “patron saint.”

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