My friendship with the “she”

My personality Air Jordan Glow In The Dark is a good reason, I have many good friends, good friends but not much on the network. Today I’ll introduce you to my good friend. I like to use “she” to refer to a friend. Because “she” is very special. She has a very special name called: dictionary.
He is a warm friend. New friends or old friends, look up the same enthusiasm, if you have difficulty, the dictionary will help you, if he is a person not, he got a lot of friends to help you; he will not because you are the new bully you, but because you are new to give you some help, and he is busy, will call someone else to give you help.
He is an omnipotent friend, he will tell you the pronunciation of uncommon words. He will tell you some of the poem’s meaning. It will give you a story, riddles. She can make you fat composition, and showcase their talents. He is an honest Cheap Lebron Shoes friend. Is not allowed to reproduced the articles of others in him, the composition must write their own, when we put someone else’s article is reproduced immymairece 8/21 over time, he seemed on the edge, said: “The article should write to someone else’s article reproduced to a release. used to improve the composition points, I do not agree, because your level of writing will never improve, if the articles you write, even if your idea to a brain to write out, say, I look up is to let you Lianbi, improve the level of writing place? ”
He is willing to listen to the friend of your mind. If you have a sad time, the dictionary will take you to the community, and chat with friends all over the world, the mood soon changed for the better.
I like a good Nike Rookie Lwp For Sale friend, have her make my life richer. Let me be more confident, I love to learn more. I’ve always wanted to say a word to her: I love you, look up!

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