Football head of our class

Our class has a Kobe Bryant Shoes long history of Football World class. Football can be said that the boys of our class favorite.
Football game, our class always achieved good results, this comes down to the colorful athlete in our class.
Chen Yutong is the leader of our class football. On the football field, those who underestimate him, who would suffer a great deal. Among other things, the his Feichan technology has become.
That is a class civil war. Opponents: class only skills the Fan Zaiheng comparable to Chen Yutong comparable, the Weiyuan General gun Linshi Xin, Zhao Yuan, a group of capable.
The competition is fierce, we on this side into a disadvantage. Zhao Yuan hurry, a corner, fluttering lay it came to the midfield. Boom heard, Fan Ziheng even had two, our goal at stake.
We heart almost stopped, the savior Chen Yutong He calmly side organization defense, while careful defense.
Chen Yutong watertight defense Fan Ziheng bit Jiabu Zhu, quickly passing. He Minghao the ball, but defender “dinosaur” Hu Kangrui foot kicked.
You see, the restricted area of ​​a crisis, Chen Yutong easily defused. However, sometimes getting into trouble.
That intense competition, the other a pass from Zhao Cheap Lebron 9 Yuan ball came to the door. Trump is not the first Hu Kangrui several guards have not had time to be rushed. Who would have thought, Chen Yutong actually rushed up, shouting, “Hey!” Feichan!
His legs stretched it out, Zhao Yuan immediately fell to the ground. Zhao Yuan jumped up, and Chen Yutong theory.
This is Chen Yutong, one of our class of athlete.
White, my favorite. It is an abandoned puppy; it, I am a poor little dog; it is a strong and mischievous puppy. In my heart it is the most beautiful … forever …
Speaking of white, we have many stories. Take me, just for example, and it met that day!
It is farming two years ago, my mother and I go to the fields of cultivated land, day suddenly it began to rain, we quickly picked up the tools to run home, Paozhaopaozhe, and ran under a tree when it seems to hear “bark” voice, I looked down, turned out to be a puppy, it is white hair has been wet, body wet saw very thin, like immymairece 8/21 a bird. Rain, the more and harder, my mother urged me in the front, she said that does not allow pets, so … my mind to, reluctant to lift the foot, when I heard the puppy weak cry for help: “Help me help me! “I finally relented, picked up the dog ran home. The mother said, are not allowed to have pets, I raised it at home in a nearby shed. During the day, I went to see Foamposites 2012 it, take care of it, it soon recovered strength, but the longer the strong …
Only once, and I regret, but . All too late.

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