One-year-old Coorong

In a house Nike Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark in a village in the back yard with a lawn. Piece of lawn grass is very lush, and a slight breeze and the grass with the wind swinging, looking ahead, like a green carpet.
One summer night, an old man sitting in the hospital with his son, telling stories, chat. They sat side by side, quietly listening to the rustle of the wind across the grass. Kindly father watching his son, his clothes was the breeze blowing slightly hunched, quietly stuck in the fence next. He said: “My son, know? You’re not born with this fast grass has Cheap Lebron 8 been here now ten years later, they are still so lush.”
Autumn and the winter, the impermanence of the four seasons, after a year of ups and downs, the grass is completely turned into a hwangcho a. Hwangcho true to wilt, father and son came to the courtyard. Father touched his beard groaning sigh: “hey! After a year of torture, they are always the ‘retirement’.” Son attentively party to: it is in the grass to its strong quality through the year, a short time . Anyway gales, Until immymairece 8/17 the sky day hang. This is indeed worthy of admiration.
Winter to spring, evergreen, new year began. The father and son came to the hospital again. Hwangcho to its inability to skinny body in exchange for its new face – turned into grass.
Father exclaim: “It’s ‘wild fire in spring gave birth to’ Oh! Son radiant, mischievous hand touched the stem, and want to unplug one. Hurried to dissuade his father: “Do not, do not, if you really like the quality of the grass, then the good care of it!” My son seems to understand what, hastily withdrew his hand and blushed. The father continued: “Remember, grow up you have to like the grass, tenacious life, nothing to rely on their own, I can not life have helped you.”
The son Cheap Jordan 2012 nodded and said he was getting.
A few years later, his son grew up, his father died a piece of lawn lush and year. He still did not forget his father’s teachings: all the grass in the world does not wither.


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